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An experience that will stimulate all of your senses

If you want to watch a good concert don’t purchase a ticket!! We might have cutting-edge stage production and massive art installations, but the beauty of Glo Odyssey comes from YOU! The experience is meant to be totally interactive and completely engaging. You become part of the show! While it’s not required by any means, the best way to enjoy our odyssey is to come ready to glow! Bring your friends and use our complimentary paints, glow bracelets, and swag to decorate yourself and your friends!

Glo Odyssey features dozens of artists across three stages. Each stage has a unique theme and artistic texture that will feature premier performers from Oklahoma and her neighboring states. Our stage productions include top of the line LED screens, lasers lights, booming sound, and giant art pieces. l There will also be professional body and face painters, aerial acrobatics, character actors, and dance performers. Among them will be fire and LED flow artist, as individuals and in troupes. RGB light art will be prominently on display as well as several artists creating their art during the event. Guests are provided with complimentary washable ultraviolet (UV) body paint to create art with their friends.

Unlike other paint party events, our ultraviolet paint does not get sprayed into the crowd.  We have special areas set up so that you and your friends may apply ultraviolet paint with paint brushes and creativity.  Painting is not required, many of our attendees stay unpainted for the entirety of the festival. Music genres featured include Dubstep, Riddim, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Techno, and Electronica. 


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