The Glo Shop is Open!

The shop is open! Yes, you can now order Lockheart Experience and Glo Odyssey swag from the comfort of your favorite blue screen. And in true Glo Odyssey form, the swag is bright and blacklight ready. Products are limited, so get ‘em fast!

And here’s the kicker: proceeds from the shop go directly to the artists and brainiacs who make Glo Odyssey possible – and toward making the event even bigger and better next year.

Pop over to the shop to check out our VIP FLASH SALE. Our Neon Dreams VIP Badges are $50.00 and very limited (only 20 will ever be made). These will get you in and out of the door at Neon Dreams without having to stand in line–even when the event is at capacity. Badge holders will be treated to a reserved VIP section with a professional body painter, a dedicated cocktail server, exclusive swag, and more. Badges also get you $5 off a general admission Glo Odyssey ticket. These will go fast! But them HERE.

Check back regularly for more shop updates and additions.

DJ Jesse Strange – Veteran of the Tulsa and OKC Music Scene

DJ Jesse Strange – Veteran of the Tulsa and OKC Music Scene.

Jesse Strange is not your ordinary DJ. He is a melodic masterpiece of all things unordinary. He is disrupting the wavelengths in the US in his home state of Oklahoma and has everybody looking to the booth for that masterful sound. This young DJ has captured the attention of clubs all over the state such as Citywalk and Club Albee in OKC and Red Ultra and growing after hours venue The G Spot in the Tulsa area. He is also one of the co-creators of the up and coming Bonfires and Bass music festival that takes place in oklahoma and is currently working on securing a spot in Wakarusa.
Jesse Strange has a wide variety of music ranging from electro to hip hop. this DJ doesn’t play music he plays the crowd. He reads the crowd and bases his song choice on them. the energy put into his mixing is phenomenal and is unparalleled by any other. Personal preferences are electro, house, and the latest dubstep. However, this versatile young mind is not afraid to go outside of his comfort zone and make thing stranger than they already are to please the crowd. He loves what he does and, make no mistake, he thrives on the crowd. This conquering young mind is astounding and relentless with every track making precise mixes with the utmost accuracy to ensure proper key, phrase, and most of all basslin match accordingly and truly shocks the crowd with his unmistakable effects and spectacular performance comparable only to a jackrabbit having a seizure.

Headlining at Neon Dreams

Hyper and energetic Strange wastes no time and holds nothing back while playing he tries his hardest to put as many tracks in a set so not to leave any genre untouched, yes even country 😉 while maintaining a godlike energy through the speakers. he will most certainly become someone to see and definitely a face to be recognized in the modern dance scene.

Phase I tickets are sold out

Thank you Tulsa for the awesome response to our new one-day festival! We love that our city is so passionate about our local art scene!

Our Phase I tickets are officially sold out and Phase II tickets are now available. You can find them on Eventbrite or purchase discounted hard copies from the street teams over at Morrow Entertainment Marketing and Bastet Promotions. All this interest and we’ve yet to announced a quarter of the artists being featured on our stages!  We’re going to announce the Phase II line-up for Glo Odyssey 2018 on September 1st!

The special announcements featuring our local artists, performers, and musicians will be rolling out soon! Additionally, we have official pre and after parties, and other surprise goodies to announce! We can’t wait for you to see all the exciting entertainment we have in store for you!

Are you ready for something different?

What DJ do you wanna see at Neon Dreams 2018?

We’re ready to announce the DJ line-up for Neon Dreams 2018, but we need your help! In addition to DJ Jesse Strange we have two open sets on the lineup! We want you to decide who gets to play Neon Dreams 2018!

If you have a favorite local or out of state DJ in mind, comment that DJ’s name in the comments below! The deadline to submit artists is August 10th. We will be selecting the Top 5 DJ’s you chose and be making a voting poll. Voting will start August 15th and will go until August 20th! Whoever has the most votes at the end will earn their spot to play Neon Dreams 2018!

This is a chance for YOU to help your favorite artist get in our lineup! What are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!

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