Wasteland | Electronic Aftershock – Glo Odyssey Stage Announcement

A World Destroyed by Tech Lust

Towers of broken electronics, mountains of outdated technology, and robot overlords. What does our future hold? Do we depend on technology so much that it finally overtakes us?

What was once a sea of blue water is now a bottomless pit of barely liquid, toxic sludge. The grey, washed out sky rains down smoke and fire.

The roar of the bass envelopes your senses.

Are you a slave to the machines that control you or do you still have your humanity? Yes, you can still dance, still feel, still dream of a time before and beyond. You are surrounded by defunct machines, by the glitch of circuits, by exploding motherboards. But you are not one of them. They will eventually freeze, need updates, rot, and rust.

There is still hope. We will survive.

The Wasteland Stage is our second outdoor stage for all ages festival-goers. This stage captures an apocalyptic landscape of broken machinery and giant robots. The music will be as intense as the scenery. Dance to some of the region’s best DJ’s, who will be playing a genre mashup of electronic music.

|| Wasteland Stage ||
Eclectic Disposition – 6:00pm
Mark Taylor – 7:00pm
Basspeddler – 8:00pm
Mina Danes– 9:00pm
Levi Roberts – 10:00pm
Jeff Haze – 12:00am

Art installations and Light and Sound provided by Lost Boiz Productions

Glo Odyssey 2018 | Full Stage Details To Be Announced This Week

Preparing for its biggest event to date, Glo Odyssey has released its full festival lineup which includes some of the most exciting dance, electronic, and EDM DJ’s from Oklahoma and the surrounding region. The festival will feature 28 DJs plus additional performance artists on multiple stages. Taking place at The Shrine indoor/outdoor event complex on October 5th, this event will transport festival-goers to a glowing realm of immersive art and music.

Witness Glo Odyssey’s surreal neon landscape with three custom stage designs—one indoor stage (21 and over) and two outdoor stages (all ages) allow attendees to flow between music genres, mood, and vibes at their leisure. Stroll around the festival venue and enjoy dancers, body painters, and otherworldly performers. Glo Odyssey creates an all-encompassing sensory experience that combines music, art, dance, self-expression, and more. From a radioactive, robotic wasteland to a sacred dimension of radiant geometry, the stages will surprise and mesmerize as much as the music.

Stay tuned over the next three days for stage stories and details. Get your tickets HERE, and come experience the weird, wondrous world of Glo Odyssey with us!

Glo Odyssey Phase One

Phase One Line-Up Announcement

This is the first official release for our 2018 festival. We’re excited to finally start revealing some details of the event! We were blown away by your response to last year’s event, so we’ve ramped up the production to keep things new and exciting. There’s more of everything. More DJs, fire performers, art installations, string art, painters, character actors, and a few new things to add to the action!

We’ve kept the phase one line-up simple and sweet. Eight out of the twenty-one DJs, and two production companies! All three names of the stages have been revealed, but the exact themes and setups are still some of our little secrets! Don’t worry though, we’ll announce the phase two and phase three line-ups soon. Additionally, in between line-up announcements, we’ll feature and introduce other artists and event theme details.

If you want to stand and watch a stage don’t purchase a ticket!! We might have cutting-edge stage production and massive art installations, but the beauty of Glo Odyssey comes from YOU! The experience is meant to be totally interactive and completely engaging. You become part of the show! While it’s not required by any means, the best way to enjoy our odyssey is to come ready to glow! Bring your friends and use our complimentary paints, glow bracelets, and swag to decorate yourself and your friends!

Now, without further delay, here are the artists released for our 2018 line-up

In alphabetical order:



Stage Production