State of the Art Stage Production

Since July of 2016 Vibe Tribe Entertainment has strived to create a community for those who have a passion not just for live music but all forms of art and the belief in coming together to inspire a better world. Based on years of combined experience, Vibe Tribe has continually honed their abilities to facilitate the best in entertainment experiences. Looking ahead Vibe Tribe envisions a collective group of people who are drawn together through their love of life and the desire to spread that love wherever they can. Vibe Tribe prides itself on the diversity of not only its members but in its ability in having something to appeal to everyone. If you want to experience something that truly transcends concerts and the everyday entertainment experience, then welcome to Vibe Tribe, we have been waiting for you. We are Vibe Tribe, building community together through music, art, and culture

Stage Production

Vibe  Tribe is bring a massive setup of lights and sound.  Powerful enough for any superstar to play on!  This year they’re adding LED screens with tons of visuals, powerful lights, and enough bass to break rails.  Their setup for electronic music is second to none in the state of Oklahoma!

  • Nathan Poindexter– Owner | Booking
  • Dudley Page– Lighting Designer


  • Dreamland Stage | Electronic Aftershock
  • Stage Production | Light and Sound

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