On the decks since 2003

“Ability to read a crowd, build off their energy, while telling a story through the music.” With a diversity of musical influences from Hip Hop to Jazz and UK Bass, Levi’s experiences and influences extend all across the spectrum. Levi has been drawn to the music scene for years. It was the energy and diversity in electronic music that fueled his passion for mixing new sounds with influences from all over.

Artist Profile

Recently, he has performed along side artists such as The Crystal Method, Left/Right, and DJ Icey. Today Levi continues his quest to promote a new and different sound while maintaining a connection with the crowd. Currently he can be found teaching new performers and helping out his fellow DJ’s to continue the spirit of the music.

  • Levi Robers – DJ | Producer


  • Wasteland Stage | Electric Aftershock
  • 10:00pm | Outside

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