Master on the decks Get on the dance floor Cody Tucker

A Heavy Hitter from OKC

Like a true craftsman, KREWX melds together all ends of the genre spectrum. Destroying boundaries, dancefloors, and minds all over by pushing all limits imaginable, KREWX shows no signs of slowing and is gaining more momentum with each release and performance. A resident in Bass, this artist is known for weaving through energetic layers of melodies designed to guide you on both a musical and spiritual journey of pure madness and emotion. Although he is most commonly found in darknesss, his light is shining bright throughout the underground scene both behind the decks and in the studio.

KREWX has a unique sound that tends to differ from the rest which is a result of smelting metalcore influences with industrial hip-hop based dubstep. His writing jumps off sub-genres and through the boundaries of Electronic Dance Music which makes him hard to be labeled.

Artist Profile

Working hard putting finishing touches on his first album “MELT” set to release 2018 KREWX has 5 more concept albums right behind it and has just pushed his first ever independent release “Apocalypse” featuring Noizmekka IN STORES NOW! With a concrete background in House, and stomach-turning-heart-stopping Dubstep, it’s hard to place him in any one specific genre. Although diverse KREWX is most commonly known to be found lurking in the technicolor marshes of heavily layered Bass Music. KREWX has been playing shows and festivals all over the Oklahoma area pushing to spread his passion and creativity to all minds open. This alien knows no limits and will stop at nothing to spread love, positivity with understanding to anyone who is ready to listen.

  • Cody Tucker– DJ | Producer


  • Dreamland Stage | Lucid Awakenings
  • 10:00pm | Outside


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