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EVRAFTR is an electronic dance music group featuring DJ/producers Tracy Hazleton and Chris Haught. The duo, based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, joined forces in 2016 and quickly became noticed for their signature progressive and melodic sound.

In December 2016, the group had their first original production, “With Me,” picked up by GrayGoo Records for international release. Following their first single release, EVRAFTR capitalized on opportunities to play at multiple EDM festivals throughout the southwest United States. EVRAFTR has multiple releases planned for the coming months with the next single anticipated to hit digital platforms. AFTRLIFE, their weekly show designed to showcase the latest and greatest in electronic dance music,is available for streaming through multiple channels. EVRAFTR clearly shines on stage, where their curated set lists and engaging DJ performances bring out the energy in the crowd. After being well received in recent festival appearances, most notably at Unite as One and Soulklahoma.

Artist Profiles

EVRAFTR is continuing to add show dates throughout Texas and the Southwest. With continued growth in fan base and promoter partnerships, EVRAFTR plans to target larger venues and festivals in the coming year.

  • Tracy Hazleton – DJ | Producer
  • Chris Haught – DJ | Producer


  • Dreamland Stage | Lucid Awakenings
  • 12:00am | Outside

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