From the Rooftops to the Festival Stage!

Dancing has always been a great passion in the life of ECOG. Starting from a young age learning various styles of dance, most noticeable would be Hip-Hop and Lindy Hop. Music started playing a larger roll in his life, but it wasn’t until 2014 that DJing for bars and clubs started to take shape in his life.

In 2015 he got his first gig and his music career has taken off from there. After picking up a number of consistent venues DJ ECOG started going back to his dancing roots. In 2016 he started to mix more progressive dance styles encompassing reggae, dancehall, salsa, breakbeats, and even lindy hop.

Artist Profile

Every time he hits the decks ECOG keeps the dance floor fun and driving. You will see him dancing in the booth with the same energy as the dance floor. As he would say “Music isn’t just for listening, it’s an experience, an escape and a high you can never stop chasing.”

  • Matthew¬†Adams– DJ | Producer | Promoter


  • Wasteland Stage | Electronic¬†Aftershock
  • 6:00pm | Outside



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