Dreamland Stage Announcement: Lucid Awakenings

Dreamland: Lucid Awakenings | Glo Odyssey Main Stage Announcement

The dome looks innocent from a distance, like a container of fireflies. But don’t let it fool you. Inside the dome, the inviting glow turns into hot flames.

It’s a giant birdcage of a structure in which dancers, fire performers, and beautiful acrobats compete for your attention.

In this live theater, you can get lost in the beat emanating from the massive speakers on the stage. It looks like fantasy, but it is reality. Welcome to Dreamland.

Dreamland is the largest, main outdoor event stage for all-ages. This stage area captures a fantastical world where Glo Performers and dancers will entertain and amaze from under a domed cage at the foot of the stage. Get lost in a dream and dance to some of the region’s most renowned headlining DJ’s, who will be playing a mashup of electronic music.


|| – Dreamland Stage – ||
Venrix b2b w/ Vari – 5:00pm
SVNSET – 6:00pm
Feenix – 7:00pm
Domewrekka – 8:00pm
Kova – Mitchell Pierce – 9:00pm
KREWX – 10:00pm
SKVLLS – 11:00pm
EVRAFTR – 12:00am

Light and Sound provided by Vibe Tribe Entertainment

Squad Goals!

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How to Purchase

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DJ Jesse Strange – Veteran of the Tulsa and OKC Music Scene

DJ Jesse Strange – Veteran of the Tulsa and OKC Music Scene.

Jesse Strange is not your ordinary DJ. He is a melodic masterpiece of all things unordinary. He is disrupting the wavelengths in the US in his home state of Oklahoma and has everybody looking to the booth for that masterful sound. This young DJ has captured the attention of clubs all over the state such as Citywalk and Club Albee in OKC and Red Ultra and growing after hours venue The G Spot in the Tulsa area. He is also one of the co-creators of the up and coming Bonfires and Bass music festival that takes place in oklahoma and is currently working on securing a spot in Wakarusa.
Jesse Strange has a wide variety of music ranging from electro to hip hop. this DJ doesn’t play music he plays the crowd. He reads the crowd and bases his song choice on them. the energy put into his mixing is phenomenal and is unparalleled by any other. Personal preferences are electro, house, and the latest dubstep. However, this versatile young mind is not afraid to go outside of his comfort zone and make thing stranger than they already are to please the crowd. He loves what he does and, make no mistake, he thrives on the crowd. This conquering young mind is astounding and relentless with every track making precise mixes with the utmost accuracy to ensure proper key, phrase, and most of all basslin match accordingly and truly shocks the crowd with his unmistakable effects and spectacular performance comparable only to a jackrabbit having a seizure.

Headlining at Neon Dreams

Hyper and energetic Strange wastes no time and holds nothing back while playing he tries his hardest to put as many tracks in a set so not to leave any genre untouched, yes even country 😉 while maintaining a godlike energy through the speakers. he will most certainly become someone to see and definitely a face to be recognized in the modern dance scene.

Local artists like you’ve never seen them before!

Here in the 918…

We have a passion for our local artists!  We are proud to present one of our local Glo Odyssey artists every day in September! Some of our most exciting attractions and art installations won’t be announced until late September and yet more will be surprises at the festival! 
Each of our artists will be introduced with details of their artistic talents and experiences.  They deserve the recognition for their efforts and devotion to the local music scene! After all, without them, there would be no scene at all!  We’re grateful to work with such amazing artists.

DJ Jesse Strange releases a new track

Yesterday DJ Jesse Strange released his new track- Silent Poets – Asylums For The Feeling ft. Leila Adu (Jesse Strange Remix).  As with all of his performances, Jesse Strange brings a unique style and energy with his music!  He’s been tearing up the show circuit and making big movies.  This is an artist you’ll want to keep an eye on, we expect big things from him in the future!

With all this new attention focused on Jesse Strange we are ecstatic to have him headlining Neon Dreams!  If you’ve never had the chance to see his live performance then you are missing out.  It’s only a matter of time before his name will appear on festival posters across the nation!


Phase I tickets are sold out

Thank you Tulsa for the awesome response to our new one-day festival! We love that our city is so passionate about our local art scene!

Our Phase I tickets are officially sold out and Phase II tickets are now available. You can find them on Eventbrite or purchase discounted hard copies from the street teams over at Morrow Entertainment Marketing and Bastet Promotions. All this interest and we’ve yet to announced a quarter of the artists being featured on our stages!  We’re going to announce the Phase II line-up for Glo Odyssey 2018 on September 1st!

The special announcements featuring our local artists, performers, and musicians will be rolling out soon! Additionally, we have official pre and after parties, and other surprise goodies to announce! We can’t wait for you to see all the exciting entertainment we have in store for you!

Are you ready for something different?

Glo Odyssey Phase One

Phase One Line-Up Announcement

This is the first official release for our 2018 festival. We’re excited to finally start revealing some details of the event! We were blown away by your response to last year’s event, so we’ve ramped up the production to keep things new and exciting. There’s more of everything. More DJs, fire performers, art installations, string art, painters, character actors, and a few new things to add to the action!

We’ve kept the phase one line-up simple and sweet. Eight out of the twenty-one DJs, and two production companies! All three names of the stages have been revealed, but the exact themes and setups are still some of our little secrets! Don’t worry though, we’ll announce the phase two and phase three line-ups soon. Additionally, in between line-up announcements, we’ll feature and introduce other artists and event theme details.

If you want to stand and watch a stage don’t purchase a ticket!! We might have cutting-edge stage production and massive art installations, but the beauty of Glo Odyssey comes from YOU! The experience is meant to be totally interactive and completely engaging. You become part of the show! While it’s not required by any means, the best way to enjoy our odyssey is to come ready to glow! Bring your friends and use our complimentary paints, glow bracelets, and swag to decorate yourself and your friends!

Now, without further delay, here are the artists released for our 2018 line-up

In alphabetical order:



Stage Production


Vendor and Sponsor Information

Interested in vending or sponsoring?

For a first-time event, the reception was amazing; our inaugural Glo Odyssey had over 700 attendees and tens of thousands of unique visitors to our digital advertising. Since then our momentum has only gained! We’ve planned an explosive promotional plan and expect an amazing turnout. If you are interested in taking advantage of our unique promotion strategies and festival spaces check the information below. We’re accepting vendors and sponsors until September 1st.


Are you an artist, small company, start-up, or non-profit? Our festival has vendor spaces for you! We’re especially interested in original artwork and creative projects, and vendors that are willing to spruce up their vending space to match the event aesthetics.

I want to vend!


Corporate entities and large organizations can become official sponsors of Glo Odyssey 2018.  The perks of our sponsorships provide a great return on investment and go to support a grassroots festival created by local artists to feature local artists.

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