What DJ do you wanna see at Neon Dreams 2018?

We’re ready to announce the DJ line-up for Neon Dreams 2018, but we need your help! In addition to DJ Jesse Strange we have two open sets on the lineup! We want you to decide who gets to play Neon Dreams 2018!

If you have a favorite local or out of state DJ in mind, comment that DJ’s name in the comments below! The deadline to submit artists is August 10th. We will be selecting the Top 5 DJ’s you chose and be making a voting poll. Voting will start August 15th and will go until August 20th! Whoever has the most votes at the end will earn their spot to play Neon Dreams 2018!

This is a chance for YOU to help your favorite artist get in our lineup! What are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!

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